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How to get to Lund

There are two airports close to Lund. Most of the international flights arrive at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). A few european airlines operate via Malmö airport (Sturup). There is also a train station in Lund (Lund C).

By air: from Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)

Lund is located in the south of Sweden and the closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark. From Kastrup, Lund can be most conveniently reached by the high-speed trains that are called "Öresundståg". The trip from Copenhagen Airport to Lund via Malmö central station will take about 35 minutes.

Tickets are available during the daytime from the DSB ticket office above the railway station at Terminal 3. You can also buy tickets anytime at the ticket machines called "Tickets to Sweden" and located in the same area. A one-way ticket is 135 SEK (16 €). Tickets can be bought online at the website of the Swedish Railway Please enter "Köbenhavns Lufthavn" into the field "From:" and "Lund C" into the field "To:". After you have selected the ticket, press "Betala" ("Pay"). Please note that tickets can NOT be bought onboard the train.

After you have bought the ticket, please go to the track which says "to Malmö C". During the daytime trains are going every 20 minutes and at night there is one train per hour. To check the timetable, see Skånetrafiken website. Its operation will also be explained below.

By air: from Malmö Airport (Sturup)

Malmö Airport (Sturup) is located 30 km from Malmö, and offers domestic and a few international flights. From Sturup you can get to Lund or Malmö via the Airport coaches outside the airport terminal. Travel to Lund will take about 60 minutes, to Malmö - 40 minutes. The buses are running every 35 minutes, less frequently on weekends.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines inside the terminal, by a credit card from the bus driver (SEK 109).

The bus will take you to the Lund Central Station (final stop). If your final destination is Ideon hotel, please leave at "Lund Ideon" bus stop (see also a map below). You can also take a taxi from Sturup to Lund and taxis are available just outside the terminal. Please settle the price before leaving (approximately 400 SEK).

By train:

 Lund central station serves the domestic express trains from Stockholm, trains from Copenhagen (Öresundståg) and local trains (Pågatåg). For the detailed travel information for the express trains within Sweden please visit Travelling from the Copenhagen central station (Köbenhavn H) is essentially the same as travelling from the Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup).

Getting around in Lund

The map below shows the location of the conference venue (AF Borgen) and the hotels. Once you appeared at Lund central station, the AF Borgen and all the hotels except Elite Ideon Hotel are located within walking distance. For easier navigation, e.g. if you're walking to AF Borgen from the outskirts of Lund, you may notice the signs "Stortorget" (Main square) on the walking/bicycle roads, that will lead you to the place.

Walking to the Elite Ideon Hotel from Lund central station can take about 25 minutes, so it might be more convenient to take a bus or a taxi. Taxi square is located right outside Lund central station and it is shown on the map. If you are travelling by bus, go to the Lund C bus stop (shown on the map) and take a yellow (regional) bus 166 or 169 . Your train ticket from the Copenhagen airport will be valid for the bus within Lund. Get off at Lund Ideon bus stop.

To get from Ideon hotel to AF Borgen, you can go by the same buses to Lund C and then continue by feet, or you can go to Lund Delfinen bus stop and take a green (city) bus 4 and get off at Lund Lundagård bus stop which take you directly to AF Borgen (see the map). However, while you can pay by a credit card in yellow (regional) buses, for green (city) buses, you will have to buy a ticket in advance. That can be done at Skånetrafiken customer service located at the train station (please also read the section "tickets" below). Otherwise you can call a taxi.

Travel planning

To search for bus or train routes within Skåne (southern region of Sweden) and to the Copenhagen area, go to Skånetrafiken website. The script will give you a detailed route with bus/train numbers, transfer points and travelling time. There is an option to see the route on a map. You'll have to enter the names of the bus stops/train stations for the beginning and for the end of the route. They are available in Google maps.


The area of Skåne is divided into zones, which number determines the ticket price. Within the zones you have paid for you can travel by all buses and trains and make transfers. Therefore, you buy a single ticket for the whole travel.

The most common way of payment used by locals is a so-called "JoJo card" that can be loaded to a certain amount. It will give you 20% discount on all tickets. You can buy them at Skånetrafiken customer service, Coop supermarkets, 7-Eleven or Pressbyrån (the last two are also located near the train station). However, the minimum initial amount will be SEK 200 (a single zone bus ticket in Lund will cost SEK 17).

If you travel starts with a train, you can buy tickets at the ticket machines located at every station. If your travel starts with a yellow (regional) bus, you can pay onboard. In both cases, you pay with a credit card or with a JoJo card. Please note that the bus drivers do not accept cash, however, you can pay with cash at Lund and Malmö central stations at the ticket machines.

If your travel by a green (city) bus, you'll be only able to pay with JoJo card. In this case, another option would be to buy a city bus prepaid paper ticket or 24/72 hour ticket. You can do that in Skånetrafiken customer service located at Lund central station (opening hours: M-F: 6.30-19; Sa: 9-17; Su: 9-16). For additional information information about tickets, please visit Skånetrafiken website.