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Combustion Institute (Scandinavian-Nordic Section)

The Combustion Institute is an International Learned Society whose purpose is to promote and disseminate research into Combustion Science and Engineering. Amongst other activities the Scandinavian-Nordic section organises meetings and workshops on various aspects of Combustion.

The benefits enjoyed by its members include:

Membership in the Scandinavian-Nordic Section is free.
Free on-line access to Combustion and Flame.
Reduced subscriptions to several Combustion Journals.
Reduced fees at Section-sponsored meetings.

For more information please visit the official website.

European Combustion Meeting

ECM2013 will be the 6th European Combustion Meeting, with each of the successful preceding events held in the following locations:

◊ ECM 2003 - Orleans, France,
  No link to a specific database, but papers are available through search engines.

◊ ECM 2005 - Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,
  Papers are available from here.

◊ ECM 2007 - Chania, Greece

◊ ECM 2009 – Vienna, Austria

◊ ECM 2011 – Cardiff, Great Britain

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